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Dementia Action Alliance – National Group

Dementia Action Alliance brings together leading organisations across England committed to transforming health and social care outcomes for people affected by dementia.

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Dementia Action Alliance membership and what it means to Paul Shoobridge of Shoobridge Funeral Services and Exmouth & District Funeral Services.

Why get involved?

On a personal level, my grandmother suffered from dementia for more than 10 years. Socially, and in my work as a funeral director, I am constantly subjected to and involved with families in similar situations and as such, have first-hand experience of clients and their families coping with dementia. Many of the nursing and residential care homes I visit deal with the ever-increasing numbers of people who are living longer with numerous forms of ‘age-related’ diseases. All these factors not only affected me but prompted me to enrol myself, and our ‘team’ at work, on a ‘Dementia Friends’ awareness session run by Hospiscare, Exeter, soon after our Exmouth & District Funeral Services premises opened in March 2017.

There are 850,000 people with dementia in the UK, with numbers set to rise to over 1 million by 2025. This will soar to 2 million by 2051.
(Source: Alzheimer Society – Facts for the media)

Alzheimer’s Society hits staggering two million Dementia Friends milestone

One in every 30 people in England, Northern Ireland and Wales now involved in the biggest ever social action movement to change perceptions of dementia
(Source: www.dementiafriends.org)

The number of dementia cases being recorded across the world is increasing. The developing knowledge and research of the diseases and the growing public awareness surrounding dementia in general has, and is, attracting more awareness and attention. “More and more families are currently affected and with dementia related occurrences recorded at earlier ages than previously seen, I feel that anything I/we can do to promote the eradication of this terrible disease, can only be helpful.”

In order to gain more understanding and be an effective tool for and with our clients in their bereavement and grief processes, I believe that all the staff at Shoobridge Funeral Services and Exmouth & District Funeral Services, should adopt a responsible attitude through education and a willingness-to-learn-more approach


Though personally affected previously, after the ‘Dementia Friends’ awareness meeting in conjunction with Hospiscare, Exeter, Carolyn, Matthew and myself were motivated and committed to making a difference within our business.

Carolyn contacted Gina Awad from the Exeter Dementia Action Alliance and with Gina’s help, encouragement and enthusiasm, inspired us all to formulate an ‘action plan’ for our business.

The pledges we have made as members of the Exeter Dementia Action Alliance, Honiton Dementia Action Alliance and the East Devon Coastal Towns Dementia Action Alliance are not only ongoing but also a very effective, work-in-progress. The group is always evolving, sharing ideas, experiences and ‘best practice’ amongst all members to constantly improve the ‘model.’ Not only will this make ‘best practices’ – better but awareness, compassion and understanding far greater; these evolving practices represent the very core of the Alliance’s cause.

To Date there are 6207 Dementia Action Alliance members with 336 local alliance groups.

Members include leading charities, hospitals, social care providers, government bodies, pharmaceutical companies, royal colleges and well-being organisations.

We at Shoobridge Funeral Services, are now looking at other ways we can support the Alliance. Carolyn Woolcock, our Funeral Administrator, has already agreed to take part in the Muddeford’s Cheese Run event on 8th October 2017 and has also offered to help with another fundraiser in 2018.
Please follow the link below for more information on this event.


Exeter Dementia Action Alliance:


Shoobridge Funeral Services – Action Plan:


  At Shoobridge Funeral Services, we realise that this is an unusual and difficult time for you. As such, your contact with us is a personal and professional priority. Our primary goal is to be available to you and perform the professional and caring service needed, in order to reduce the burden to you and your family.  
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