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Funeral Directors Honiton
Arranging A Funeral
Funeral Services Honiton
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Funeral Services Honiton
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Arranging A Funeral
"Our 24 hour service includes effecting burials and cremations primarily in the United Kingdom in addition to repatriation internationally by air or sea. In these days of differing outlooks, every cultural, religious, alternative belief and eco-friendly consideration is catered for. Our aim is to attend to your requirements with an
efficient, professional calm.
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Funeral Directors Exeter
Funeral Directors Honiton
How to Arrange A Funeral
The first step is to check to see if the deceased has made a Will or taken out a Pre-Payment Funeral plan as it probably includes instructions concerning the funeral arrangements. Funerals can be expensive and the cost is usually met from the assets of the deceased but, if there is no estate, the cost is the responsibility of the person making the arrangements. Seek the advice of a
local undertaker who will be glad to help.
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Honiton Funeral Directors
Burials and Cremations
The Church of England has a duty to provide a funeral service for their parishioners if the executors of the deceased, so wish. Many country churchyards are is still open for burials or the Interment of Cremated Remains. Municipal Cemeteries may have limited space especially if the deceased was a non-resident. Fees can escalate under these circumstances but we can
advise you on the options available.
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  At Shoobridge Funeral Services, we realise that this is an unusual and difficult time for you. As such, your contact with us is a personal and professional priority. Our primary goal is to be available to you and perform the professional and caring service needed, in order to reduce the burden to you and your family.  
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