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Individuals, wishing to begin a career in the funeral profession, need to take into account some notable factors. Generally, funeral businesses operate 365 days a year, offering their services for the full 24 hours daily in order to meet their client needs. Customers are suffering a loss and the grieving process causes unusual phenomenon. Emotional distress and grief are part of the natural process you will encounter when dealing with a client who is himself (herself), experiencing, possibly for the first time, the loss of a loved one.

A professional, empathetic, compassionate but confident and efficient approach is fundamental in order to obtain the information necessary to carry out the client’s wishes whilst, at the same time, guiding the client through the number of services and options available to them and advising them of the legalities and also the costs involved.

Arranging a funeral can be extremely traumatic, confusing and distressing and there are many unfamiliar tasks that need to be implemented. As a funeral director you have to confidently provide all the necessary advice, guidance and support and are responsible for the efficiency and dignity of the funeral arrangements. Coupled with the high degree of responsibility, being a funeral director is very rewarding - you will be assisting people in their ‘hour of need’ and helping to ease their burden, giving and receiving numerous details and helping to cement vital decisions that the bereaved will have to make.

A career within the funeral industry requires a great deal of compassion. There is a need to absorb other people’s distress and emotion whilst keeping somewhat detached yourself in order to reduce the emotional burden and effects on you personally. This will be a testing factor of the job but a career in the funeral industry is probably one of the most rewarding and dignified careers you could possibly choose.

There are many key factors and demands on a person relating to a career in the funeral profession;

> The ability to organise and conduct a funeral service.
> Being part of a rota providing 24 hour service.
> Assisting with legal forms (and the knowledge necessary).
> Being aware of and taking into consideration any religious requirements and/or, customs.
The diplomacy and tact to fully inform clients regarding costs and their range of options for all the aspects of the service.
> Being part of a team but also being a leader and the wisdom that imparts (man management).
> Being able and available to provide counselling, support and comfort even after the funeral ceremony.
There are training and educational qualifications that you can study in the field of funeral services.  There is no legal restriction on the age for considering a career in the funeral profession but a mature approach is vital and having a driving licence can be advantageous.To help you decide if a career in the funeral industry is right for you, to the right are some general job descriptions which explain the different roles available in the industry.
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Funeral Job
To help you decide if a career in the funeral industry is right for you, below are some general job descriptions which explain the different roles available in the industry;
Funerals Exeter Funeral Director
Funerals Exeter Funeral Services Operative
Funerals Exeter Embalmer
Funerals Exeter Skills & Attributes
Funerals Exeter Training & Development
  At Shoobridge Funeral Services, we realise that this is an unusual and difficult time for you. As such, your contact with us is a personal and professional priority. Our primary goal is to be available to you and perform the professional and caring service needed, in order to reduce the burden to you and your family.  
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